Month: November 2013


Our 2013 Idols South Africa season9 winner

“The world is your Oyster,”words that kept echoing whilst feasting the talent that is Musa Sekwene.

In a green golf T-shirt —charismatic Musa from eMalahleni in Mpumalanga —made his first Idols SA audition. An enchanting audition that paved him to far greater heights.

Watch him,see him lift his hands and smoke the mass off with his voice!


The 9th Season of Idols SA has seen and graced us with the crème de la crème of singers. A series of close calls. One of the seasons that sure did unearth the strongest contenders.

Following a Talent-fest,Musa Sekwene’s singing saw him in the top 10. Note after Note he delivered. The unprecedented pressure that comes with every week’s performance means that one cannot afford to serve bread crumbs, ever! A trait that Musa heavily possesses!

Throughout the season,we’ve seen him deliver worthy performances. The magnitude of his voice I cannot even fathom. He sealed every performance with a genuine touch.

Not to sideline the strong contenders that were gunning for the No.1 title too. From the fierce ladies that held a very good fight, to the gentlemen who seized the moment and gave stellar performances as well.


Far beyond the chants and encores from the crowd lies a subliminal moment of silence commanded by genuine talent !

You swept us off our feet,gave us what our ears have been yearning for. And for that, the mass— your fans,came out for you ,in numbers larger than Life!

And for 10 consecutive weeks,they voted!
Stuck to their fave .Loyal fans,who felt the nerves with you. Cheered for you. Worry together with you . And celebrated you!


Good music breaks the shackles of society. It speaks for itself. Your voice and performances conveyed that. They broke constraint. And reached people of all walks of life.

A broad market awaits you Musa, ready to consume, feast and blast your music. Keep soaring!

Savor the moment! It’s all yours. And to the world, Brace! Watch him soar. Live the talent that is you— Musa Sekwene our Idol!



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