~father of the Nation

It is with great sadness that I pen this post. As the world bids farewell to one of the greatest men to ever walk on earth.

I’m taken aback. Reliving those delicate,sound and heavy moments of this country’s history. Tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,has passed on…

An advocate of Change. A man who went deep in the mud for the liberation of this country. One of the Legends who have veered and drove this country to what it is today.

Living in post apartheid South Africa is one gift no commodity can purchase. Such tremendous impact that allows one to be liberated,within one’s country. An impact that makes one take full pride in one’s origin!

Somber as the atmosphere is,the life of such a Legend will be celebrated!

It smells like liberty. Freedom at last. And for the endless efforts of great legends like: Sisulu,Tambo ,Mandela and the MANY other heros,great echoes of gratitude will forever reside in our hearts.

“We are fighting for a society where people will cease
thinking in terms of colour.” -Nelson Mandela (March 8, 1993)

A man who publicly and fearlessly took a stance against Apartheid. Sentenced for a heavy 27years in prison for Treason.
With that, of course, came the greatest sacrifice,putting one’s life at great risk-death that is.

If there’s anyone who knows how hope looks like it is Tata. He held on,with no guarantee,he held on. Such bravery and ideal sacrifice can never be repaid.

It is men of such caliber. Fearless and carved with immense distinction,whose impact I cannot even decipher. It is for this reason,that I take full pride in them!

For us,born frees,we pride ourselves in you. Your works,what you stand for and your name that has made an imprint in our hearts

The African drums don’t stop beating,eternally they’ll celebrate your life. They’ll leave imprints. The blossoming of the flaura, the rich fauna…our fertile African Soil will not forget your footsteps,your traces. So long…


“When a man has done what he considers to be his
duty to his people and his country, he can rest in

-Nelson Mandela 1918-2013.


A born-free