Engines humming. Gears on. Red Revlon balloons in the sky. Brace yourself SA!

This huge chunk of energy,with her out-of-life persona~ In her full glory,is yet to take us by storm!Capturing Multitudes.

Known for her Talent that speaks volumes,her opulent and sassy taste in fashion. SA’s pride and joy~Bonang Matheba!

The 1st ever ‘Face of Revlon’ outside the USA puts South Africa on the map. Her guns blazing, she shoots and aims beyond the stars.

A predominant number of Budding media personalities look up to her. Both Male and female. As she soars. She does so whilst winning the hearts of many South Africans. She’s pure breathing walking Talent.

We’re watching! Absorbing her grind. Basking in all of it. As our hearts chant endless encores to B*’ we venture out in her journey together with her.

Hard-work pays off. Bonang is living testament that you don’t have to cut corners in life. You don’t saunter to the top. You sweat your way up there.

On the contrary,being at the pedestal is no walk in the park. Bonang’s hard-work makes it appear easy. However,it is not. It’s a working progress,that she masters!

Child of the soil,wear your dreams on your sleeves. Work on them. Pursue your passion. Bonang Did it. Let your craft echo awe on your behalf. Live!

Her life is so Top Billing(you don’t have to excuse the pun). Mounting from one milestone to the other. We love Bonang!

Distinct and carved with immense talent,greater heights await . Her burning passion is so contagious. It moves even a girl or boy living in a 2-roomed house!

Let nothing mar your progress. In the heavy words of Bonang,”Rise above,
return hate with love. Kill them with kindness then bury them with success!”

To the beacon of hope to so many South Africans,we love you. And,we pride ourselves in you and your ventures. Keep soaring high like an Eagle!

Signed,sealed & delivered .And so as it goes. Strike a pose. Bathe in those flashing lights. Nothing will shun the talent that is her. Bonang you beauty!


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